Have you ever wanted to see artificial organisms living into your computer, evolving to become better and better?
What you find here, will allow you to see that...

Evolution is the name of a large project I'm creating for my Master Thesis.
This is to be a software that will be simulating artificial life. This will be the macroevolution simulator. It means that you will be able to see thousands of organisms, lots of species living together in the common world. These organisms will be able to carry into effect photosynthesis, reproduce, mutate, move, think, and also eat each other in order to win and survive in this world. In simulation the spectator will be shown that basic organisms left to their fate will evolute to transform into developed ones (more intelligent, faster, stronger etc.). This is what one calls evolution. The natural selection mechanism will result in producing perfectly adopted species in this artificial world. There is no external help need. The more time lapses the better organisms raises.

This simulator will be very detailed. Almost every parameter of the world, organism can be modified. The user will have a possibility to develop the world he wishes.
This program will also have a very broad spectrum of charts. They can show different dependences between species, environment, time etc.

The whole project will be developed on a GNU license, and the source code will be available for people interested in.
Everyone will have a possibility to modify, extend, add new functionality, algorithms, etc.

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